Hardcastle Restaurants (HRPL)

Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (HRPL) operates in the QSR sub-segment of the informal eating out industry. HRPL is a master franchisee, which operates McDonald’s branded restaurants in west and south India. Under the master franchisee arrangement with the McDonald’s Corporation, HRPL is responsible for providing capital for all business operations, including the real estate interest.

McDonald’s Corporation offers technical, operational and business support. HRPL owns or secures long-term leases for all its restaurant sites to ensure long-term occupancy rights and to control related costs.

At its restaurants, HRPL continuously develops and refines operating standards, marketing concepts and product and pricing strategies. This is done in a manner so that only those strategies are introduced which are most beneficial into the system to deliver a great customer experience and drive profitable growth.

HRPL constantly focuses on customers by managing operations at the local level, including marketing campaigns and special offers, menu management and limited time offers and monitoring customer satisfaction. HRPL generates revenues primarily from sales by company-operated restaurants.

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Our Restaurant Categories

We classify our restaurants into one of four categories: (i) freestanding, (ii) food court, (iii) in-store and (iv) mall stores.

Freestanding restaurants are the largest type of restaurant, have ample indoor seating and may include a drive-thru area and parking lot.

Food court restaurants are located in malls and consist primarily of a front counter and kitchen and do not have their own seating area.

In-store restaurants are part of a larger building, but they do not have a drive –thru area or a parking lot.

Mall stores are located in malls like food court restaurants, but have their own seating areas.

Returns on investment in each type of restaurant vary significantly due to the different capital expenditures required and their different sales potential.

Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (HRPL). has a Master Franchisee relationship with McDonald’s Corporation USA and has rights to own & operate McDonald’s restaurants in India’s West and South markets. We as a policy do not sub-franchise any outlets. Any company/individual offering franchise on behalf of McDonald’s is a part of a fraudulent scheme. We urge you to beware of such rackets and report them to the relevant authorities.